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The most valuable source for reconstructing Latin phonology was its spelling.

Today, there are as many pronunciations of Latin as there are languages whose speakers have learned Latin.

Before their arrival, Italy was populated by Etruscans, a non-Indo-European-speaking people, in the north, and by Greeks in the south.

As such, it has had a profound effect on all Western European languages. Most modern Western Indo-European languages have directly or indirectly borrowed words from Latin, which still has limited use in academia, medicine, science, and law.

The study of Classical Latin language and literature is part of the curriculum in schools and universities in many countries.

The works of Roman writers and poets, such as Ovid and Virgil are widely studied throughout the world.

It was the literary language of all of eastern India in medieval times and was an official language of the court.

It was traditionally written in the Mithilakshar script which is most closely related to the Bengali script.

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