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I have never asked this question, but when I have sought information from that source, they have always returned my email courteously and promptly and have been very forthcoming with information.

The Average Joe gun buyer might not (and this includes some gun shop owners).A year or so ago there was a guy making the rounds of gun shows with brand new, still in the box with all accessories, pre-warning Ruger Model 77 rifles. To tell you the truth, I thought it was a petty good deal.While the books show the value at a bit less for the Model 77 generally, a pre-warning gun, especially one with a Douglass barrel, is a bargain at 0. Regards, JP yes sir that helped alot any way to tell if this has the douglas barrel the only engraving on the barrel say sturm ruger&co inc and some punctuation with it.However, as explained above, the fact that it almost certainly has a Douglas barrel will make a difference to those in the know.The problem is finding someone who understands the production history.

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