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I don't think that when Fiona went anyone on the programme thought, "Her job is up for grabs".In truth, Kate seems to be genuinely astonished that there was such a hoo-ha over the whole issue.If anything, her struggles have been about being too thin.After Darcey was born three years ago, she lost a lot of weight, prompting fears that she had developed an eating disorder.'It says a lot about how people regard GMTV, to be honest. 'Point made.' Then she puts her hand over her mouth. I'm never going to get a job on BBC Breakfast now.'What's certainly true is that GMTV has – rightly or wrongly – acquired a reputation for being something of a bitchfest.I know there are people who hate it, but so many really love it. We dither over who the current presenters of the BBC show are. The show that served us up Ulrika Jonsson and Anthea 'Princess Tippy Toes' Turner has always seemed a mass of rivalries.

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I think that I might then come to a point where I'd sit down to look at what had gone wrong.These are the Host - Presenter (Female) currently available from Speak Out!, click on the speaker name or the info buttons on the right to find out more about each speaker.We didn't socialise, but yes, I would call her a friend.I saw her recently, and she looked amazing, she's At the time she announced she was leaving, Phillips spoke movingly about the difficulties of marrying the job with her family commitments, particularly caring for her ailing parents – her mother died two years ago after suffering from Alzheimer's for seven years and now her father has been diagnosed with the same disease. When Fiona's mum died, I think a lot of people in the company had no idea how much she'd had to deal with. Maybe when something is that personal and emotional you sometimes want to leave it and go to work, don't you?

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