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On his return to the truck, children huddled around the ice deliveryman waiting for the chance to dip their hands into the cool freezer for a sliver of ice that they could suck on during sweltering weather.Alfred Leihammer operated the Sellwood Ice Company out of the old Mt.Since refrigerators in the home wouldn’t be universal until 1940, as mentioned earlier, almost everyone had an ice box in which to store their perishables – and most households kept their ice box in the kitchen or on the front porch.Blocks of ice were needed to keep the contents of an ice box cold, and it was the iceman who delivered the needed 50 pounds of ice to your front door.Ice was delivered on a regular basis, because of course the ice melted – and during the summer months, the ice company might get a call every other day.

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Prohibition in 1914 closed down the brewery, and Alfred took advantage of the empty walk-in freezers in the complex – using them to store blocks of ice.To Geri’s surprise, this special customer was Humphrey Bogart, along with his wife at the time, Mayo Methot.Bogie wanted Geri to hop down to the local liquor store and pick up a couple bottles of spirits.Those who grew up in the 1960’s or later were generally unable to experience a visit from a milkman.If you wanted a gallon of milk, a quart of ice cream, or a tub of cottage cheese, you drove down to the supermarket or a chain convenience store and bought what you wanted.

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