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Already leaders have embarked on an ambitious nuclear and alternative energy program to reduce reliance on dirty coal and imported oil. That's 30 percent of the public debt held by foreign countries. Between 20, the dollar's strength increased by 25 percent. This was so its exports could remain competitive with Asian countries that hadn't tied their currency to the dollar.

All of these measures are part of China's economic reform. During the financial crisis of 2008, China pledged 4 trillion yuan, about 0 billion, to stimulate its economy to avoid the recession.

A teller counts Chinese Yuan banknotes at a bank in Shanghai, China, on February 1, 2008.

China is still a relatively poor country in terms of its standard of living. The low standard of living allows companies in China to pay their workers less than American workers.

That forced the Chinese population to save for their retirement, strangling domestic demand.

Most of the growth occurred in the cities along China's east coast.

As a result, one-fourth of China's economy is in real estate.

The government also funded construction of railways and other infrastructure to support growth.

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