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Just run by a co-worker’s desk, reach over and hit Ctrl-Alt-up or down to rotate their monitor orientation.If you have some alone time, you can one-up it by also going into the Control Panel and setting their mouse to left-handed.It looks like a computer part, but when you flip the switch, this fella sends out annoying beeps and buzzes at random intervals.

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Just be sure to let this one play out and get resolved before your co-worker sends any official memos to the entire corporation.

A little creativity can take this one in plenty of different and equally entertaining directions.

While you’re in the Word or Outlook settings, another good place to tamper is the dictionary.

Take a moment to edit the Autocorrect feature in your colleague’s Word or Outlook (it’s in the Tools menu in both programs).

Add a new entry to replace their name with “douche,” and watch how much more interesting all their emails and documents will suddenly become.

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